trending technologies

The amount of technology that is available to us today is overwhelming.

From the very start of the day to the time when we retire to bed, technology has been influencing each and everything related to our lives, personal and professional. With so much of information available in this digital age, personalization of services has transformed into a whole new level. Now everyone is waiting and wondering what the next big thing is, coming to transform their lives.

Palnar believes in taking every step along with the developing world and never compromise to lag behind in delivering the up to date and top notch services that we promise. Below are the trending technologies that we have been focusing on.


internet of things

The evolution of IOT is quite amazing and the benefits provide by this new way of thinking is never achieved ever before.

Implementation of Internet of Things is possible only when we understand the essence of the idea. Actually IoT is nothing new, but it is an evolution of different technologies and combination of those things made it what it is today..It is about connecting people and the devices which were isolated till now. IoT is built of macro building blocks which includes actuators, sensors and different data acquisition media which collets the data, encrypt the data and sent over the network using any internet enabled service. The monitoring and control station then acts as the brain of the system which does the processing of the data and controls the process. Palnar’s work approach, knowledge of the programing methods and the innovative methods gives the exact solutions. Our team has been successful in executing the projects with rugged architecture and flexible modular design catering to the customer requirements. Areas of application èSmart Home, Industrial Automation, Energy Management, Location Based services



We create Computer Generated Simulation or recreate the a real life or semi - real life environment or situation using VR(Virtual Reality) & AR(Augmented Reality).

VRML(Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is used to create a series of pictures and specify them on the type of interactions possible with them. VR is used to create and enhance an imaginary reality for gaming, entertainment, and play (Such as video and computer games, or 3D movies, head mounted display). AR is developed into mobile apps to blend digital components into the real world in such a way that they enhance one another, but can also be differentiated easily.


Big Data and Cloud

Data is indispensable in today’s digital world. Almost all businesses now depend on data analytics for growth.

Our big data and cloud computing services enables you to capture relevant information to give that extra boost to your business and we offer you hassle free data storage and sharing through networks.


Industrial Automation

With the 4th industrial revolution on the rise, Industrial automation can be considered as the latest level of machinery automation.

Delivering speed, quality, and safety every manufacturing industry has begun to adapt to industrial automation. Palnar delivers top notch industrial automation solutions to equip your machinery and increase the overall productivity.


Artificial Intelligence

Starting from computer game of Chess, to the most advanced robot human like robot Sofia, AI has become a phenomenon.

AI has enabled machines to sense our moods, our needs and cater things in an ‘intelligent’ way. Our committed team works on Artificial Intelligence requirements to suit the particular industrial and domestic requirements.



PHP, JAVA, Microsoft Technologies, iOS, Android

Delivering high quality and reliable software solutions using the recent software development platforms.

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