Our Services

Palnar has successfully completed and delivered many innovative application development projects globally by adopting flexible and scalable architectures that ensure 24x7 Business availability and reduced development cycle times.

We provide SAP implementation assistance as well as support for on-going operations in a highly quality-oriented and cost-effective manner within stipulated timeframes. We conduct careful study of issues and offer immediate responses for resolution.

We offer Careful study of issues and immediate offer for resolution.


Mobile Application

We have a dedicated team with expertise in Android, Hybrid and iOS Application development and have been engaged in developing excellent mobile applications with rich UX and Usability while keeping high standards in Code-Quality.

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Data Analytics

Simply put, it is analysis of huge amounts of data. It is a process where large amounts of varying data is analyzed to find user preferences, market trends and other relevant information to enable organizations for effective decision making and growth.

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Application Development

We have been engaged in developing top class tailor-made Desktop and Web Applications that are serving our clients operating in different fields and businesses. Our team understands the exact requirement and with the implementation of these apps the client need not have to compromise, in terms of performance and productivity, anymore.

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SAP Consultancy

Trust, Reliability and Precision. These have been the strong points which our clients, who have taken on our SAP consultation services, have lauded us for. A strong team with a backing of 10 years of experience, Palnar has been fulfilling the SAP requirements in the way the clients require.

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engineering services

Our team focusing on Engineering and Technology services support our clients in optimizing their product development cycle, from ideation to actualization, to bring products to market faster and at the least possible cost.

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Business Models

A Business model describes the viability of business, how value is created, delivered and captured. Simply put, it is a structure that says "how this business makes money". A successful business model can take full advantage of the commercial return from high cost investments involved in new projects or technologies as well as take forward innovation. A good business model should also be flexible, adaptive to change as and when necessary, so that it evolves with changing business environments.

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