electronic medical records

EMR Integration platform using .net technology has already generated interests across the globe in terms of addressing the pressing needs of the CTOs in healthcare. The framework complies to all international standards in the healthcare sector. Patient centric Electronic Medical record model framework including data standardisation on region basis – A model for emerging countries – Pilot implementations done with the Ministry of health to reduce the healthcare costs in Middle East.
Get cloud ready: Encrypted healthcare data on the cloud with excellent security features using a proprietary framework Speciality based EMR the need of the hour as specialised care and treatments are important.


  • Smart client based solution
  • Simple User Interface for end user simplicity
  • 4 Tier architecture – To ensure plug and play model
  • Easy customization by replacing the assemblies and configurations files
  • Capable to scaling up to cloud model with data security features
  • Encryption for multisite installation
  • Andriod ,MAC ,iOS extensibility
  • Multilingual
  • Deployment Scenarios can be varied like LAN,WAN ,etc
  • Touch, Voice and gesture integration
  • Could be used in any domain to build ERP solutions

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