ecm suite

Every day, countless documents are entered into a company, analogous to digital. With our innovative indexing, our ScanClient and our search function, the ECM-Suite helps you to bring order to this multitude of documents. The advantage: all relevant documents are collected centrally, efficiently and sustainably, and you get all the important documents in your work basket.
Teamwork can often lead to unstructured operations and storage systems. However, this is a thing of the past through our check-in / out procedure, our version control and our project folders. E-mails can also be processed more quickly and easily with the ECM-Suite, as well as several functions that help you manage your tasks. Our efficient and clever storage system archives documents with comprehensive, audit-proof and without excessive storage space. The highlight: the most important documents are automatically saved so that you can reach them the easiest. Thus the ECM-Suite helps you to archive the abundance of files and documents in a structured and efficient manner.


  • The ECM-Suite supports a wide variety of language including German, English, French, and Italian etc. Language can be changed dynamically on the fly.
  • Server runs on Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 including High Availability Cluster and it also runs on most Linux-based Operating Systems including both 32 Bit and 64 Bit architectures. The Rich Client supports Windows, Linux and Mac. The Web/Ajax-based Client runs smoothly on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.
  • The ECM-Suite supports Oracle 9/10/11, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008, DB2, MySQL 5 and PostgreSQL 9.
  • Java, SOAP, XML, JNI, OpenOffice, jBPM, PDFBox, POI, Lucene Text Search Engine, Microsoft
  • .NET, C/C++, JavaScript, Google Web Toolkit.

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