About Us

Palnar Transmedia Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Consultancy and Development company located in India having development centers/offices in Germany, USA, Netherlands and Switzerland.

We have a strong team of developers and SAP consultants in both technical and functional side. We are also glad to inform you that Palnar Transmedia has a strong technological backup from our principal company in the US, Palnar Inc, USA. Palnar Inc. has been providing Consultancy and Development services in the US Market for more than a decade.

We have proven our competencies in highly complex software projects for our clients in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA and Kuwait. Together with our German client UTSCH AG, we have even created high-end software solutions for the automatic embossing machines to issue high-security vehicle license plates in several countries in the Middle East. With companies like UTSCH AG and Roche Diagnostics in Basel, Switzerland we have been working for more than five years. Such partnerships are examples for the reliability, quality and delivery consciousness assured by Palnar to its clients, be it a small JAVA development or a high-end embedded system. The wealth of experience that we have amassed in the last eleven years and the tens of satisfied clients speak for our competency and cost-effectiveness. With such a strong backing, we are sure that we will be able to deliver the same kind of German quality in our services for all our client requirements.

Our team


Founded in 1999 as a small company with a big vision.

A medium sized software development company based in Technopark, Kerala, India.

A leading firm developing software applications and providing ERP consultancy for its clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa and America, especially for the manufacturing, healthcare, consumer products and utilities, and public utility sectors.

More than Eighteen years of proven competencies in highly complex software projects for our clients in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, USA and Kuwait.

Having Customers and Partners in many countries including: USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Kuwait, South Africa, Holland, Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Nigeria etc.

We Create Premium Mobile Applications with robust Architecture.

Make use of the NextGen technology to give the best output to the customers.

Creative and Innovative web front end designs using Javascript, jQuery, Angular JS and CSS.

A strong team with expertise in Microsoft technologies .NET, JAVA J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, PHP and other web technologies, Trending Big Data Technologies, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Industrial Solutions, IoT, E-Commerce portals and CMS.

Social Responsibility

We believe that enterprises have a social responsibility to play. As a company, we honor this responsibility in all of our decisions and actions. As a humble beginning, we started a social service forum named "KARUNYA". This is run by a team of dedicated employees along with extensive support from the management. We provide financial help to the really deserving. State Institute of Mentally Challenged, Kerala is one of our beneficiaries.

Just after the deadly Tsunami waves attacked the South west coast of India, Palnar formed the Lebsenslicht Charitable Trust along with the Wolfegg town of Germany to rehabilitate the affected people. The Karunya Kindergarten established by Lebenslicht at Colachel for the children from Tsunami affected families is another testimony to our commitment to the society.

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